Terms and Conditions

Horsmonden Social Club Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions for use of premises – 2017
Terms and Conditions of Booking

Booking requests may be submitted by full Club Members only, Junior Members may not
submit booking requests

1. Full Club Members may submit requests on behalf of organisations with whom they are
2. Club Members submitting booking requests must have been members for at least a year
3. The Member submitting the booking request is responsible for the function/ event and the
behaviour of persons attending. They shall remain at the function/ event for the duration
4. The Club Committee reserves the right to refuse any booking request. The Committee’s
decision is final
5. The following booking requests will be automatically refused:
A. 18th or 21st birthday celebrations
B. Requests made on behalf of political organisation
C. Requests not made in a timely manner
6. Bookings for children’s party will normally be required to end by 2100
7. Children must be supervised at all times
8. Members are invited to make a donation for the use of the Club premises
9. The Club Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking due to any cause or
circumstance beyond its control. However the Club Committee shall not be liable for any
loss or claim incurred by the hirer, or any other person connected to the booking, as a
consequence of such a cancellation
10. If you wish to cancel a booking please contact the Club Secretary as soon as possible
11. The Club must be vacated by 0030 with any music or entertainment concluding by 0000.
Members and guests must leave the Club quietly, respecting our neighbours accordingly
12. The Club Committee reserves the right to impose a charge for any cleaning or repairs
required following use of the Club. Members booking the Club are expected to report any
breakage/ damage to the Club Secretary immediately
13. If requesting to book the Club during normal opening hours Members submitting a booking
request are required to indicate whether they would be happy for other Members to continue
to use the Club as normal. Requests for private parties during normal Club opening hours
are considered by the Committee on a case by case basis
14. In the event of a private function request being granted the Member booking the Club is
responsible for providing suitable signage to indicate the Club is closed for a private
function. It is the responsibility of the Member booking the Club to control entry in the event
of a private function
15. Arrangements for disposal of waste are the responsibility of the Member booking the Club,
rubbish should be taken home and not disposed of in the bin at the front of the Club, which
belongs to the Business Centre
16. Limited parking is available on Green Road, however Members booking the Club and their
guests must not park obstructing the entrance or fire exits and are asked to be considerate
towards neighbouring properties
17. No alcoholic beverages are to be bought into the Club
Use of the Club bar
18. Members requesting use of the bar as part of their booking will be required to pay a
nominated member of the Social Club Bar Team. Payments are made directly to the
individual member of the team by the Member booking the Club
19. The Club Committee will ensure the bar is adequately stocked for your function/ event,
however special requests for bar stock must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in
advance of your booking
20. The Social Club Bar Team will be in charge of the bar area. No other persons shall be
allowed behind the bar
21. Alcohol will not be served to any person under the age of 18
22. The Social Club Bar Team have the right to refuse to serve anyone who is unable to provide
proof of age or who they deem to be acting inappropriately
Use of the Kitchen Facilities
23. When using the kitchen Members booking the Club must ensure that only competent
persons are permitted to use the kitchen appliances. A tour of the facilities can be arranged
in advance by contacting the Club Secretary
24. Children are not permitted in the kitchen area at any time
25. The kitchen must be cleaned following use
26. All power within the kitchen area, including to the dishwasher, should be turned off at the
end of the events/ function
27. The dishwasher should be drained at the end of the event/ function (instructions for how to
use the dishwasher are located in the kitchen)
28. The fridge and kitchen bins should be left empty
Special restrictions
29. Smoke machines are not permitted due to the sensitivity of the Club’s smoke detector
system. E-cigarettes and any form of naked flames are also not permitted.
30. Any person not abiding by these Terms and Conditions of Booking or Rules of the Club will
be asked to leave the premises and the function/ event may be cancelled.
31. Members/ organisations using the Club premises are required to return it to the state they
found it upon their arrival. Users are responsible for providing their own cleaning equipment
32. No booking will be confirmed without approval from the Club Committee. Confirmation will
be sent in writing by the Club Secretary.
I have read the Terms and Conditions of Booking and agree to abide by them. I agree to
familiarise myself with the Fire Evacuation Procedures, will abide by and inform the other
members of my group/ attendees at my event (please contact the Club Secretary for more