Social Club Committee

Current committee members

All activities and running of the Club (including membership applications) are scrutinised by an elected Committee, that meets each month. You can read the minutes below of our meetings over the previous year.

Horsmonden Social Club is run by the Club Constitution, last amended in February 2017 and under the terms of the Trust Deed, approved in December 2017.

Your committee for 2022/23

Officers (also Trustees) :

Chair: Lindsey Chave (Trustee)
Hon. Treasurer: Nick Miller
Hon. Secretary: Bridgette Walsh (Trustee)

committee members

Nick Belton (Trustee)
Richard Edmed
Paul Fleury
David Watson
Janice Botten
Lawrence Arscott

Alison Scott
Nick Miller
Sidney Cornish
Jimmy Webb
Tim Coyne
Anthony Hacker
Jordan de Saa

The Committee are your elected representatives in the running of the Club. All of them will welcome your ideas and suggestions as to how to make it an even better place.



The role of President is appointed by the Commitee, as per the Club Constitution. Members are welcome to put forward suggestions for this position for the Committee to consider.

Committee Meeting minutes

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AGM Minutes and Accounts

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